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Just finished reading "The Mars Mystery." At first, I was skeptical about the whole Mars-Earth correlation theory, but now there's no doubt in my mind that our ancestors were trying to warn us about some horrible doom that will approach from the direction of the constellation Taurus. There is ample evidence that the Taurid meteor clusters are the remnants of some much larger object that collided with Mars, and perhaps with Earth, as well, extinguishing all life on the red world and nearly destroying humankind. Going farther back, we see evidence in the geological record that there is a major extinction of life approximately every 30 million years, and scientists have linked these to the carrousel-like motion of our solar system up and down through the galaxy's spiral arm. Earth currently spends about four months of every year immersed in one or another of various meteor swarms, all of which contain objects large enough to do horrific and terrifying damage to our world, even to the point of eliminating all traces of life and turning Earth into a true Mars twin.

So now the question is: What will we do about it? Nothing, apparently. I am appalled that NASA is paying no attention to the obvious signs of impending worldwide disaster. They have the resources, the money, and the technology. Why aren't they using them to safeguard us from something that can be prevented? They've become complacent, believing that since Earth has survived big impacts for nearly 4 billion years, it will probably survive another. Well, Earth may survive, but will humanity? What makes them think that all the big cataclysms happened far back in the past and that we are now magically protected from further bombardment? They certainly have plenty of money to send those tin-can shuttles into orbit all the time, and for dubious reasons. Despite all their protests to the contrary, we all know by now that the shuttles are being used for secretive military purposes, and not just for research. And if you don't believe it, consider this: They announce all the time when a shuttle is being launched, but only rarely tell us WHY. Sometimes, they'll include a few scientific experiments on board, or they'll attempt to repair some malfunctioning satellite, but mostly they launch without any explanation at all. And the satellites, of course, all have military applications.

My point is, NASA and the rest of our government always have plenty of money to devote to anything that's related to the military. We can play World Police by sending thousands of troops to countries where we have no business being; we can construct and stockpile more nuclear weapons; we can develop biological and chemical weapons that can wipe out whole populations; we can devote billions of dollars annually to the production of still more guns, bombs, grenades, land mines, spy satellites, battleships, tanks, fighter planes, and armed helicopters, all of which have, as their only purpose, the murder of human lives; but when it comes to actually saving humanity, we have no money to spare. Well, of course not, because we spent it all on the aforementioned war toys.

I'd love to hear from some actual NASA people--I can't believe that you're ALL bad. And don't pretend you don't read this website!

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