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My dear Mr Hancock,
Ever since I purchased your book on the search for the Ark of the Covenant, I have eagerly awaited your subsequent books, and read them voraciously. The Mars Mystery was a disappointment for me, but I am sure thousands of other readers would disagree.
The latter book notwithstanding, I consider you and your opinions to be a candle shining in the darkness. No, not a candle, but a stubborn hurricane lantern that refuses to be blown out.

It is a crime to suppress the truth, and those that have done so are the Egyptologists and their supporters, those with the power of censorship. It is also sad to believe there is nothing left to learn, as those "experts" do. A teacher of mine once said you never stop learning, and if you close your mind, you are mentally finished. Such as those Egyptologists and other academics.

How many people have read your books? Hundreds of thousands??
Millions?? How many people have read anything by Mark Lehner or other educated experts who shamelessly toe the party line with no regard for the truth, impartiality, or open-mindedness?

I read, in Bauval's "Secret Chamber", that the author has suffered mentally and physically. And on this website, you confess to being under quite a great deal of stress.

Keep your eye on the prize. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT.
Know that there are millions of people out there, faceless and nameless, who support you to the hilt and will follow your quest for eternity.

You are our hero. believe it

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