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In 1877 Asaph Hall discovered and named the two satellites
that orbit around Mars..He named them Phobos(Terror) and
An interesting passage from Homers Illad..Ares(Mars),going into
battle,is accompanied by never resting horrible creatures,Terror,
Rout,and is said that they were steeds with flaming
manes yoked to a chariot(Ares-Mars)..
Could this be myth forwarded witnessing Mars being struck by impactors...Velikovsky's supposition is that the satellites
were on fire with the ignited gases ..torn from Mars atmosphere..
Other myths concerning this event speak of swarms of bodies on fire,running before and after Ares(Mars)..
After reading the info forwarded by Graham in The Mars Mystery,
i began to wonder if this event might not be a real account
of the fragmentary impactors left over from the three main
impactors which struck Mars and burst her crust and tore her atmosphere away..
This is not very reasuring info when one considers the number
of multiple streams running near the earth..
Could this be what the Mayans feared every 50-52 years..


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