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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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YO111 BRYAN...BABY... 363 laura 10-Dec-00 22:56
RE: YO111 BRYAN...BABY... 117 Bryan 10-Dec-00 23:19
RE: YO111 BRYAN...BABY... 133 Bryan 11-Dec-00 00:09
RE: YO111 BRYAN...BABY... 136 laura 11-Dec-00 00:44
RE: YO111 BRYAN...BABY... 134 laura 11-Dec-00 00:50
RE: YO111 BRYAN...BABY... 185 Bryan 11-Dec-00 00:54

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