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Dear Friends

First I am new here and I thank Graham and the webmaster for providing this forum. I have been a practitoner and student of yoga meditation for over thirty years now. I am sure there are many in this forum who are more knowledgeable than I and have done extensive research into the mystery of the pyramids. I am just now beginning my research in this area. I have not read Graham's work regarding this yet. I apologize, his books are at the top of my list to read.

My question is this, does anyone suspect that the great pyramid was a initiation chamber for the acceleration of unfolding consciousness through the process of alchemy leading to spiritual liberation? Does anyone know what the Egyptian spirtual practices consisited of?

It seems logical that in order to decode the purpose of the pyramid, one has to consider the spiritual practices of the Egyptians. I have heard that salt and mica were found in the pyramid. Does anyone know if mercury and sulphur was found too? These are fundamental elements in the practice of alchemy.

I realize that Hermes and Thoth are part of Egyptian history and alchemy, but I am just beginning to add up all the puzzle pieces. Does anyone know of any particular books which address alchemy and the pyramids? Thank you for your help. For those interested, I also have a discussion group focused entirely on alchemy here []

Kind regards


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