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Although the BBC has been invaluable over the years, we have to accept that it will serve as much purpose in the 21st Century as the horse and cart did in the 20th. Multi channel tv can be viewed in the same light as the internal combustion engine 100 years ago. It has eliminated the need for State (tax payer) funded television. The powers that be at the BBC are very much aware of this, together with increaing resentment about the lisence fee and decreasing standards (sport the major example). The BBC moguls and the acedemic establishment are in a similar position, only the enemies are different, ie new communications technology and "disturbing" evidence coming to light about our distant past. As the BBC is fast losing public popularity, it will do whatever it can (including distorting the truth and telling blatent lies) to cling on to the good favour of the establishment, including the "Scientific Church", to perpetuate whatever support it can get for State funding. As books on alternative history are so popular, it is only to be expected that when the BBC touches the subject of ancient history there will be a no holds barred attack. Stations such as Channel 4 and Discovery provide far supirior and balanced programmes. I found it amusing that in the first of the two Horizon programmes the quest for Atlantis was linked with Nazism, when it is all to evident that the spirit of Gorrbles is alive and well at the Beeb.

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