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Hello Brian,

Please rest assured that your post is not in the slightest, how shall I say, unwelcome.
Now then, how is this for an interesting coincidence (my wife thinks it’s serendipitous synchronicity); just over two weeks ago I decided that the time had come for me to cease fuffing about and procrastinating, and knuckle down to completing the final edit of my theory on how the Great Pyramid was planned, and its several serious (so I feel) implications
One of these implications is that the King’s Chamber was not the burial chamber and the actual chamber is located elsewhere inside the Pyramid, with access to it being gained via . . . well, that ‘secret’ is my pièce de résistance (currently tagged onto the end of the currently-217-A4-pages-long work).

Other implications – among others - are:
The Pyramid was planned entirely only using the royal cubit (equiv. 20.632”, 524mms) a seked 5½ and simple arithmetic and basic rectilinear geometry.
There is no mathematical, astronomical or geodesic data encoded in any of the Pyramid’s dimensions.
The Pyramid was a symbolic or actual tomb for an Egyptian king (probably Khufu),
Of the passages and chambers, the King’s Chamber was planned first.
The Queen’s Chamber was not a contingency burial chamber, nor was the Subterranean Chamber.
The location of the Queen’s Chamber was changed twice.
The Antechamber was not designed to be a fully functional portcullis system.
The Great Step originally only measured 0.27rc (5.6”, 141.5mms) in height.
The lengths of the sloping passages’ floors were determined by their vertical height and horizontal length.
The shafts in the Queen’s Chamber were never intended to reach the outside of the Pyramid.
Two separate attempts were made to excavate the Subterranean Chamber, resulting in the Chamber being abandoned twice.
3 1/7 or its equivalent was used extensively (40 plus occurrences) in the planning of the Pyramid
The Well Shaft was not an escape route for workers given the task of sealing the Ascending Passage after the funeral.
The granite blocks in the Ascending Passage were built in situ.
The dimensions and location of the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber were derived from the floor plan (20rc by 10rc rectangle) of the Chamber.
The ‘pebble’ under the SW corner of the sarcophagus was put in place by the Pyramid’s builders, and where the box now stands is where the architect intended it to be.

All going well, I shall be sending a copy (a PDF on a cd-rom) of my theory to the British Museum’s Egyptology department* within a matter of weeks. I’m rather hoping that my theory’s outright anti-pyramidology stance will appeal to it.



*I have an interesting tale (well, some folk might find it interesting) about the Museum that goes all the way back to January 1980.

So many questions.
So few answers - and not one of them mine.

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