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Satellite photos from a few years ago confirmed that the old channel ran toward the west but I do not recall how far. I don't recall anyone claiming it ran all the way to the west coast. The huge subterranean lake of freshwater beneath Libya was first exploited by the Garamatians in south central Libya until they exhausted the supply their relatively shallow wells could reach. Brackish surface ponds still existed in that area as of 2010 when I first learned of the Garamatians. Khadaffi, in modern times exploited the freshwater beneath the Sahara with his gigantic manmade river project consisting of a large underground pipeline from the deep Sahara to the coast. As I recall oilfield drillers rediscovered it when the ban against Americans doing business in Libya was lifted and Khadaffi invited a Texas oil company to resume exploration there. I do not know when this "fossil" acquifer was first charged but it may be that it was from the old west flowing Nile. It would seem that there is not much information available on the old Nile since modern deep desert exploration only began in the 1920's and did not get really serious until after WWII.

Skatha wrote:

> I think that the consensus is that it "ran westward" -- but it
> didn't run across the Sahara. So it connected with some of the
> oases in the desert but didn't run to the west coast.

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