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I have seen Graham Hancock in one video saying the following: "I do not say they have put the NIle there to impersonate the Milky Way beside the Orion constellation. I think they have used what was before them to make a quite accurate copy of the sky."

If one look at the Nile form it's source downward, he will see that, it apparently went West at one time. It may have been the main source of water for the Sahara region before it's coourse was possibly changed for due North, it's current path.

If some people in the past were able to built the Baalbeck platform, drill diorite at Puma-Punku or erect huges statues all over Easter island, I do not see this as unthinkable that the course of the Nile might have been artificially changed at some point in time.

What I find fantastic is the work and ideas of Robert Bauval being streched by that much.

Looking at a topographic map of lake Victoria it is quite easy to beleive it covered most of Tanzania, including lakes Albert, George, Edouard, Kivu Tanganyika, Rukwa and Malawi.

The Nile currently goes down to lake No where is path change 90 degrees, from North to East, for about 120Km. Could it be close to lake No that his path was changed?

At Karthoum, the White Nile and the Blue Nile merge together. Could that be the place where the nile used to go West into the Sahara?

Past the city of Karthoum, the nile goes Nort for over 500Km, then it turn South-West for 300Km, through the Merowe Reservoir, and then back North from the vilage of Al Dabbah.

The Nile then resume it's course North for over 1,200Km into the Mediterranean see via the Assouan reservoir.

I have heard of satellite photo able to show us the old river and lake beds. What would such a study show along the path of the Nile?


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