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Kurgan wrote:

> BTW Azerbaijan is close to Afghanistan and by my reckoning with
> a flooded Caspian Sea quite accessible via the Amu Dharya river
> in ancient times. This I suspect could well be the route
> ancient traders used in exporting Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan
> to the Mediterranean countries in ancient times.

That's a very good point Ronnie. It can be say that it was the beginning
ot the "Lapis Lazulli Road" which was in use also when the land start drying
and prosecute during millennia till "disappear". But the "Civility of Oasis"
backed to the light with works starting since more than 15 years ago,
confirmed the existence of such "Trading Road" from Afghanistan via
Turkmenistan, Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan and then distributed to western
countries beyond Caucasus Mountain, Black sea and then thorugh rivers till
reach territories within Europe, and throug Mediterranean till territories
bordering such sea.

If we well have present that, some very old Myths start to unveil their
reality and meanings.

But this is another long story....


You can not solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that you used to create it.

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