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Okay, this is gonna sound weird, but here it goes. How about having some Remote Viewer use his/her abilities to check out a few things that seem to be off limits to the rest of us. We all want to know what’s behind the door in the shaft, and what’s under the sphinx. Remote Viewing is strange and generally considered unscientific, but who cares? I would love to know at lease some idea of what’s hidden in these most secret of places and maybe, just maybe Remote Viewing is way to get a glimpse of something that could help the cause. What do you guy think? Good idea? Or did I drink to much beer before going to work today?

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Remote Viewing Giza 537 Mike Evans 10-Nov-00 20:43
Remote Viewing huh? 292 Atonmses 10-Nov-00 20:52
RE: Remote Viewing huh? 185 Mike Evans 10-Nov-00 20:55
RE: Remote Viewing huh? 263 Julia 11-Nov-00 13:41
RE: Remote Viewing huh? 303 Geoff Stocks 11-Nov-00 16:33
RE: Remote Viewing huh? 348 Nick Miles 13-Nov-00 18:03

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