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Report from Mr Sherif El Morsi (+ more informations about Mr Sherif El Morsi on

“I have spent the past 12 years doing on-site research in the Giza Necropolis. My research has brought some important discoveries such as the Neolithic honeycombed community of cavern dwellers on the Great Pyramid eastern escarpment, the megalith ramp used for hauling the granite blocks up the escarpment to be used in the construction of the Kings chamber, and just recently the different extensive erosion patterns found on different elevations in the Giza plateau with an existing ancient shoreline.

I Like to thank Ms. Antoine Gigal for this honourable invitation to put on her prestigious board my following work. I am following the footsteps of the renown geologist Dr. Schoch and the great writer/journalist Graham Hamcock, but expanding their theory that is based on erosion patterns found on the Sphinx body due to water erosion. I have found that the extensive erosion patterns at the lower elevations of the plateau are different to the erosion patterns found at higher elevations. These erosion patterns are due to the Necropolis’s inundation by water. The inundation of water reaches a maximum of 75 meters over our current sea level creating a shoreline at the Khafra enclosure that spans all the way across to the Menkara temple. This shoreline is a 2 meter high intertidal range showing pitting and tidal notches due to seawater, wave mechanics, and tidal ebbing. At the lower levels such as at the Sphinx, the Sphinx temple, the first 20 courses of the Great pyramid including the boat pits; we see erosion due to deeper water saturation, where the stone blocks and wall linings have absorbed sea water. As the waters receded and a dry sunny windy climate took place, these megalithic stone blocks started weathering, creating tafoni erosions which are due to the salt chemically reacting and flaking the limestone with pitting formations.


Hi L

Previously discussed here on GHMB,
some readers may not be aware of the above excerpt

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