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Scott, Krupp is relating veritable scientific fact. Thanks for posting that comprehensive transcript –much of it implicating Graham. I have forgotten about it but he also relates the Gilbert geometric contortion and other flawed aspects incurred in the originally, and subsequently withdrawn, wider plan. (The contracted Giza-Belt ‘look South’ correlation introduced yet more flawed correlations with the Egypt Code).

as pointed out to RB, again, most recently

as pointed out to you before and again here

have another look

Try seeing Earth as convex and surrounded by a concave sky (1/2) but note polarity

Whether you imagine Orion's belt in isolation, or the entire constellation, the totality of the surrounding sky cannot be discounted -it ends up :o) over a geographic pole. Likewise, Egypt locale, or to the ends :o) of Earth -if you prefer the term South as 'upper' (North will therefore assume the label 'lower') that's also cool, however, applied to both topographies -i.e. celestial & terrestrial, it will always produce an inversion. Thus, by looking South, the perspective merge toward the horizon still produces a clash of terrestrial Upper and celestial Lower.

In a sympathetic act to avert liberal fringe from embarrassingly going hardcore pseudo, I’ll generously spend yet more time to explain :-)
2D flat imagery can be deceiving, making it appear as though the sky just extends upward (which it does but in effect the stars are perceived all round). So get up from behind your PC and head for scenic Loch Lomond... This may sound elementary but appraise the actual, say looking at the South horizon, from where you will find stars form a canopy overhead that extends behind your back and well, the North horizon.

We are in two opposing hemispheres. You can observe Polaris, obscured from my view by Earth’s curvature, where it is over the North Pole and in alignment with Earth’s axis. I can see the circumpolar stars that comprise the Southern Cross. Extending from the principal axis of the Cross, to the intersect point of a line bisecting nearby alpha & beta Centauri, indicates the opposite alignment of Earth’s axis, where it terminates in Antarctica. With your arm extend, imagine connecting your target in the North with mine in the South (see, although it is a straight line it arcs across the sky -Pole to Pole).

This produces a common meridian, along which, visible to both of us, is Orion. Turning now toward one another, each with a Pole at our back, we thus look at the same constellation, suspended midway, over the Equator (the celestial equator, of course being an extension of Earth's equator into space). That constitutes a fixed framework of stars (Orion’s apparent rise and set, via greater or lesser arcs above the horizon, together with the entire canopy of stars, being due to Earth motion).

From my peripheral 'he' (figure with a head and legs) is upside down and from yours, right side up -a contrast, yet by cardinal assignment, from either our perspectives the asterism is oriented (head) North, no contradiction. If YOU choose to decapitate and amputate its anatomy, it does not erase the rest of the sky...

Now, do your famous geo-stellar fingerprinting, which remember, is done with perpendicular sight, not perspective... make a site selection for it... ah-ha, but why locate the pyramids in Egypt, some 30deg. parallel North of the Equator? - when an absolute correlation should locate it in on the equator, in the Great Lakes region of central Africa. The shaft from the Southern end of the KC would rise straight up to its target.

If on the other hand, while roaming the desert with a bag of beans, looking for something to reverse-engineer, you happened upon the Gizamids -if they are stacked, it's a mirage -all fair and well but bear in mind you are projecting your assumptions now on their intent. IF the Egyptians lived in a contained bubble, in which only the three belt stars and Giza pyramids existed... you can exclaim: “looking South!” OCT remember, is a.. c-o-r-relation theory, where as above, should be... so below but isn't in your allusion.

Thus, back in reality, besides meticulous cardinal orientation, shafts were constructed into the thing. One, by which Robert famously launched some souls... to the North (upper) circumpolar stars.. i.o.w. they're floating around Polaris (unfortunate if it was not their wish :o) be as may, this sky correlates terrestrially ‘lower’ which you removed from the equation. The South shaft targets a point just.. South of the celestial equator, thus correlating with central -‘upper’ terrestrial territory.

See the paradox?

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