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Recently by advise of a friend I read Mr. Hancocks "Lords of Poverty..." and was almost knocked off my feet by its insightfullness and honesty. Discussion of corruption by international aid organizations is very taboo in most circles. Very few people are willing to say anything negative about such organizations. Mr. Hancock did a wonderful job of bringing such injustices into light.

My only complaint is that Hancock only focused on his experiences in India and Africa. What about the rest of the world? This, however,is a minor flaw in a well written book.

I'm not extremely interested in lost civilizations or artificial structures on Mars. Therfore I haven't read any of his other more controversial books. However, as a social worker and someone who greatly cares about the well-being of the impoverished people wordwide, I give loud praise to Mr. Hancock's efforts.

Finally, does anyone know if Mr. Hancock plans a follow-up or is he going to just continue with his current area of research?

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