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Well, not really but I need to get this out there.

I'm still trying to deduce all the Egyptian science but little of it appears directly in the PT so has to be deduced so this is a work in progress still.

There is a fundamental unit of time natural to the planet and the universe. It's natural to the universe only because it is proportional to the speed of the revolution of the earth and the speed of its axial tilt. This unit of time is the amount of increase in the time of sunrise at Giza from mid-July to early-September. Each day the sun rises this much later. Remarkably there are exactly 1440 of these units in a day. There is a little fudge factor in this lenght of time because it does vary slightly over the course of this period making it easier to define it such that it comes out exactly 1440 rather than a little more or less. Of course this time period is defined as the minute.

It appears that the Egyptian day was based on the equinox with twelve hours of day and twelve hours of night. The day was divided into two parts as was the night. The four parts of the day were each 360 minutes and probably the origin of 360 degrees in a circle.

The question became how to divide the day. There was probably a temptation to divide it into ten hours of day and ten hours of night but this would leave hours of 72 or 144 minutes which would make further division irregular. But dividing by twelve allowed a second of 1; 60th of a minute. A second (and its fractions) is about the shortest time that's useful in everyday life. One can gauge the depth of a well or the distance to lightning by counting heart beats which are usually close to 1 second in young men.

I believe there will be names for some of this. Some of these seem to contradict orthodox opinion so I'll wait till I'm more confident.

1440 is a remarkable number that has many divisors.

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Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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