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Hi Jacob,

I understand what you're saying, but I really have no definite view on the ascending and descending passages in this GP/brain context - although the Grand Gallery appears to have some correlation. (See image below).
However, I would like to take this opportunity to expand on a few things and make clear my own views on this.

Back in the late 90s when I first made this connection – an insight that came to me right “out of the blue” one day – I thought the same thing . . . that the diagonal positioning of the two chambers in the GP may have a corresponding relationship with the pineal (KC) and pituitary (QC) glands in the human brain.
However, it was much later when I created a 'to scale' image of the Great Pyramid that I checked this again, and found that the human brain in all its correct proportions, when overlaid over the correct geometric proportions of the Great Pyramid – and both in cross-section with the pyramid looking from E to W and the head facing north – the pituitary gland does indeed fall on the Queen's Chamber. However, instead of the pineal gland, I found that it is the centre of the Thalamus and right at the centre of the brain that falls on the King's Chamber.
At that time I was also in correspondence with John Anthony West, and I told him about this theory. John replied, saying that it was interesting because of the theories of Schwaller de Lubicz and his (de Lubicz') belief that the placement of certain internal features of various ancient buildings – like the Temple of Luxor for example – corresponded with the locations of the three power centres in the brain, the thalamus, the pineal and the pituitary.

John also told me that another guy – John Carlo (another Kundalini experiencer) – had been working on a similar theory that the GP symbolically represents the human skull.
Then soon after I corresponded with John I found a Website (now missing) which presented the same insights with which I began – i.e., the KC (pineal) and QC (pituitary). I now suspect that what had been presented on the pages of this Website had been taken from the book I gave a link to in my previous post, 'God-Man, the World Made Flesh' written in 1920.
Again I only first learned about this book a week ago now. However, as I said. I later found that the two chambers each corresponded with the Pituitary and the Thalamus.
I then wrote the article 'Gate of God' as a lead up to these insights, which I was going to place in a 'Part Two' of this article, but never completed it or published it, and really because for some reason I was still trying to convince myself about these connections. There was no real evidence and it was easier for me to take the view that it was all just a coincidence. I prefer to keep my feet on the ground and always try to prove myself wrong, and I'm not adverse to changing my mind as new data presents itself. I mean it became apparent to me that although many subscribers to the 'new age' literature would embrace these ideas, in general these correlations between the chamber in the GP and the glands in the brain and neck would merely be seen as preposterous as placing a traced image of a map of the London Underground over a cross-section image of the GP to see what meaningful correlations emerge from it.

I think it was a few years after this when I spent some months gathering together the correct external and internal measurements of the Great Pyramid based on Petrie's measurements, so that I could then create a definitive, 'to-scale' diagram of my own, and could check everything that was coming to me about the GP.
By this time, I had also found some references to the earth's axis angle of 23.5* and 52* in various paintings and other sources and suspected that I might find this angle in the GP.
I then discovered that not only does the Great Pyramid contain the axis angle of 23.5* but it also contained other angles that presented us with a geodetic picture showing factual geophysical information about the earth in relation to its own location . . . that in fact the Great Pyramid is pointing to its own location on the Earth and via its apex, and that the King’s Chamber symbolically represents the core-centre of the Earth.
It was then that I went back to my theory about the Great Pyramid being a representation of the human skull, and have the further insight that not only does the King’s Chamber represent the core centre of the Earth, but it also represents the core centre of the human brain!

These ideas were laid out here for the first time in 2003 . . .


. . . although I have since corrected a few mistakes and developed these ideas and discoveries further since then.

Anyway, studying the 'to-scale' diagrams I produced, everything fitted together really well.
I found that the King’s Chamber does indeed align with the central Thalamus; that the Queen’s Chamber aligns with the Pituitary Gland, and that the Subterranean Chamber aligns with the Carotid Gland in the neck. This leaves an undiscovered chamber to represent the Pineal Gland.

Below is the diagram I created based on these correlations.

Again, I shelved these ideas as again, I couldn't take them seriously, and instead I focused more on the geophysical data, as there was more evidence for this, and also as I later discovered, the encoding of these angles throughout history was also substantiated by the words of Frank C. Higgins – a field archaeologist and 32nd Degree Mason writing in 1919. See his book 'Ancient Freemasonry'.

However, saying that, the whole thing is difficult to shake, because over the years I have found many subtle references to this view or belief that the GP is really a huge, symbolic representation of the human head and brain, and that it represents the head of Osiris, and is also the real "Place of the Skull" - i.e., Golgotha.

For example, see figure 6, (Right image) on this page . . .


Also there's this quote from 'Exploring the Great Pyramid' (2005) by Dr. Robert M. Schoch which is just one of many examples I have heard, seen or read where someone refers to the Great Pyramid as the “head of Osiris,” and this is not just a fanciful observation.

“On the airplane from Cairo to New York the next day, my head filled with ancient dreams, I thought of what my Egyptian friend Emil Shaker had told me. Looking at a map of Egypt, the outlines of the country can be compared to a person, or more specifically the resurrected person in the form of Osiris, with raised and outstretched arms. The head of Osiris is the Great Pyramid, the body and legs are the Nile stretching to the south, the delta is the up-stretched arms that touch the Mediterranean Sea, which represents the sky”.

It would appear that Emil Shaker was an initiate and/or knew more than what was said to Robert Schoch.
In a discussion on the subject of the 'Djed Pillar,' investigative journalist and author Filip Coppens pointed out to me his view that: “The Djed also symbolised the Nile – the “natural meridian” of Gizeh, also seen as Osiris’ spine”.
Of course I had already had the insight that the River Nile (Nil) represents the central and neutral, Hindu Sushumna channel in the human etheric body, as claimed by mystics, and that the GP represents the 'third eye' in this imagery, with the Nile Delta representing the radiations of light from the third eye and crown chakra as depicted in Hindu illustrations of the physio-kundalini-chakra system.

See figures A to H on this page:


There is a lot here to think about, I think you'll agree.

Best wishes,

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