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Thanks people,

The point I was raising was that we only have historical evidence for human civilization from the last 5,000 yrs. To me the jump from stone age to pyramid builders seems a huge one. So however valid the opinions of historians are (and I agree with the Garrets/academic view on this) we are still no closer to understanding why we made such a huge jump forward.

As far as Im aware the earliest known roots of civilisation are evidence of human agriculture dated to approx. 3,400BC in modern day Iran. I remember reading something about evidence of wheat grains with pottery and evidence of alcoholic fermentations (sounds like a pretty advanced civilisation to me:).

We also know that the last ice-age ended sometime between 20,000BC and 5,000BC. I think the academic view is that the end of the ice-age made conditions more favourable for mankind/civilisation to occur/progress but in truth we really don't know. So Grahams theory on an advanced civilisation, predating our existing knowledge, that became 'lost' due to the conditions following the end of the ice-age remains a plausible alternative.



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