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I guess all of us have an interest in the origins of human civilization. We all want to know where we came from and what information about our history can tell us about our future.

I am not an archaeologist or an historian (although I am a scientist and an academic) but I am interested in our history.

What astounds me is that the human species has evolved sometime within the last million years yet the archaeological records and evidence for all human civilisation only date back 5,000 yrs (3,000 BC). So within 5,000 yrs we are believed to have 'evolved' from primitive stone age people to the 'highly sophisticated intelligent citizens' of the modern day. The thing is after 5,000 yrs of advances in our knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering etc. etc. we can still marvel at the accomplishments of our earliest ancestors. Which modern society would commission building sites such as the great pyramids or stonehenge? Even now they would require a huge investment of time and money and consider the problems we would encounter even with modern tools and skills.

I appreciate the arguments of established historians and archaeologists. I also agree that our current understanding of our history to be as good an estimate as we can make right now.

What I find so hard to grasp is that we can make such huge strides in civilization over 5,000yrs yet we know little or nothing about the most important step (ie the first one) in the history of human civilisation.

Why should all human civilisation have occurred independently around the world within the last 5,000yrs and there be no trace of any lost civilisations prior to that?

I don't expect anybody (experts or alternative theorists) to give me a definite answer to that but surely Grahams opinion that there were lost civilisations is as valid a guess as the theory that all human civilization spontaneously occurred within the last 5,000yrs.

Comments please.



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