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Hi Andrew,

That is an interesting observation concerning the ascending and descending passageways of G1 and the sun rising on the horizon.
I certainly don't agree with the view that the pyramid structure was originally built as a tomb as such - especially G1 - but was instead used for 'shamanic initiation' - i.e., to access trance, experience astral flight, OBEs, NDEs, and even enlightenment.

The conventional view taken by Egyptologists is that the ancient Egyptian word ‘Akhet’ means “Horizon.” There is no doubt that the Akhet is associated with the horizon, but there is some debate as to its specific meaning. No-one really knows what the concept behind it means – even the Egyptologists cannot determine it, and there are numerous forum discussions about its meaning on the Internet. But all would agree that the Akhet concept deals with a distinct and explicit “change” or “transformation” taking place within the individual – the king or Pharaoh – in close association with death and also in direct relationship with the changing cycle of the Sun and all that the Sun conveys in terms of Light, Life, the Soul, God and the Spiritual ‘Source-Center’ to which we are all connected. The Akhet is also associated with recreation and rebirth, and this is an important aspect in terms of the two dynamic points in all cyclic phenomena.
In terms of cyclic phenomena, it was known that the ‘NOW’ manifests TWICE in each cycle as the Alpha-Omega point and the halfway point, but in these ever-turning cycles its manifestation is temporary, fleeting and transient.

In terms of the daily cycle of the Sun (the context in which the meaning behind this concept was communicated), this crucial point is again passed over twice. Because the opposites of past and future were seen to correlate with the positive ‘day’ and negative ‘night’ opposites of the cycle, the neutral, zero point of NOW was believed to manifest at the very moment ‘where’ and ‘when’ night makes its transition into day on the eastern horizon, and also the moment ‘where’ and ‘when’ day makes its transition into night on the western horizon. So, the symbolic emphasis here is on the ‘time-instant’ transition points in the daily cycle – but this would also mean the same point in every cycle we can think of - even the rapid cycles of our own consciousness. Just study a simple sine wave, noting that it has three phases . . . a positive (peak) phase, a negative (dip) phase and the transliminal phase - the point where the positive half of the wave crosses into the negative and vice-versa. These two zero-neutral points represent the NOW point in all waves and cyclic phenomena.

This is why the Sun in the horizon, and on the two horizons, is the perfect metaphor for these two crucial points in the cycle, and why the rising Sun on the eastern horizon as symbolized by the Akhet, is symbolic of an individual awakening within the hypnagogic state – i.e., at the point between being awake and being asleep, and both at the same time – a ‘third state’ (neutral, third force) of consciousness which is neither one being “awake” or “asleep.” While arousing in this state of consciousness – an internal experience – the ‘inner worlds’ or ‘inner realities’ of the mind, are perceived to open up like a “gateway” or “door”.


“Colombian Barasana Indians draw a labyrinth design to represent the path to the Other World. Trance participants say the ‘horizon opens like a door’ to enter the realm of spirits.”

Source: The Colombian Rock Art Spiral. A Shamanic Tunnel? Harry Andrew Marriner. B.A. Pyschology San Diego State University. Coordinator Western Cundinamarca Rock Art Investigations GIPRI Colombia.

This idea that the horizon is associated with ‘shamanic trance state’ experience is supported by the above and also the fact that the American Indians in South America, while taking the psychedelic Ayahuasca brew, also say that “the horizon opens like a door.”


“In the text, the word for “opening” or “window” is peter, which as a verb means “to see,” implying some kind of aperture in the sky that opens onto the spirit realm. Shamanic accounts of passing through such apertures relate that they open for just an instant, and only the initiate is able to go through them into the Otherworld.”

Source: Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts: The Mystical Tradition of Ancient Egypt by Jeremy Naydler (Inner Traditions, 2004), p 272.

In the ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts from the pyramid of Unas in Saqqara, which date to the Old Kingdom and said to be the oldest known religious texts in the world, we find these Spells known as Utterances:

Utterance 275: “Unas opens the gate with the double doors, Unas reaches the limit of the horizon.”

Source: The Pyramid of Unas, by Alexandre Piankhoff, (Princeton University Press), 1969. p. 68.

Utterance 220: “The doors of the horizon open themselves, its bolts slide.”

Ibid, p. 47.

It should be emphasized that this is an internal visionary or astral experience while in a trance-induced, altered state of consciousness, often facilitated by natural psychoactive substances, meditation and other preparatory conditions learned by the earliest shamans. And there are more connections that suggest the Akhet (horizon) concept is associated with altered states of consciousness and mystical experience.


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