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"Agreed. Stan (orthodox and a skeptic) indicated in his lenghty E-mail argument with JMJ that to prove up the coincidential into the not concidential (my wording) that the "coincidences" would by necessity have be statistically significance, and beyond what probability would produce."

Understood, but it should be pointed out that this is Stan's criteria. My view is that a lot of archeologists require more than just a statistically significant collection of data that infers, via improbabilities, that conventional archeological models are in need of wholesale replacement.

I've finally(!) come to realize that this is what 'archeology' is really all about in its most orthodox, conservative form: the appraisal of direct data. Correlations based on patterns that imply alternate models beyond what is 'known' will likely not be enough for some archeologists who will still demand direct evidence. While this is clearly not my temperament, I 'get' where these people are coming from, and I respect it .

"Light shall spring from the shadows, and in this case the Light Bacon pursued all his very productive career, and as projected into the future. It will be interesting to see where things stand into early 2013. I don't think we are before the gates of Mordor yet."

Yes. If my belief is actually correct, and that through the kind of data I've introduced here (which clearly reaches beyond archeology) is correct, that some higher level intelligence has been discreetly attaching its signature to various seminal events and landmarks as a means of conveying its ongoing interaction with Humanity, then the Kali Yuga by correlating its start to the beginning of the Long Count should be considered in relation to your point here.

The Kali Yuga suggests that we began nothing less than a 'Scheduled' age of Darkness, based on a mass orientation towards material reality only - that which can be isolated and measured. If this is all part of some sort of Divine Plan, then it follows that the best 'hard' evidence we have is discreet at best: higher intelligence has stepped well into the background, allowing the materialists optimal leeway so that this particular drama can be fully experienced, for a Time.

Perhaps by extension, the end of the Long Count will signal a kind of collective illumination that points in the opposite direction. My sense is that this process has been underway for around a century now anyway - for those souls who truly find the material paradigm unsatisfying and intuitively sense there is something more. There is, to many anyway, much 'hard' evidence to support the existence of paranormal and spiritual forces. However, at the present moment the people in control of information have such a strong secular bias that they tend to dismiss or censure people who present such 'evidence' because it contradicts the model of reality they believe in.

And that's all right, so far as I'm concerned. A big question that 2012 poses is whether or not this type of repression by omission and ridicule is going to be allowed for much longer.

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