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The E-mail exchange is in this link:

"Let's look at the evidence for how the Maya tracked the sidereal year and precession accurately, and the new evidence form Tortuguero Monument 6 -- I provided a link to my SAA paper within the MEC-Facebook discussion on ["]; JMJ

Many of your points are outside of the scholarly realm. JMJ appears to be able to keep one foot in the scholarly river and the other in the metaphysical one.

The Temple of the Inscriptions lacks any 2012 reference, but it explicitly states a 4772 one. John attributes this merely to kingly political posturing. It is a reasonable stance. Does that arguable explain it? Things are never that flat with an individual like Pacal. Is it limited to kingly status and royal propaganda or also other purposes?

The 60 year Pacal connection is exquisite. By design? If so, then it is a designer not human. My vote: not by coincidence. But then that would not be a Maya or any other cultural manifestation, but one connected to Pacal and his family because it would transcend time and place.

Having visited Palenque, Uxmal, Coba, Tulum, Tonina and Chicken Itza, it is clear that Palenque has a singular and magical nature to it. This is why so many Maya scholars have been drawn to it. What you see when you are there in the Plaza and related areas is a complex that was created by Pacal and family with very interesting features and alignments based on a master plan. I think there is a very good case this family was not the run of the mill Maya kingly family.

I am waiting to see how the MEC, namely Chris Powell, research plays out once it become better known. Chris and other MEC contributors have some very interesting data from measurments at Palenque and elsewhere that were found to have ratios and patterns that upon checking are embodied in Maya temples, houses and works of art across the Classic Era Maya world, and to an extent still existing in the Maya World. This research and the findings are far more extensive than indicated in this post.

If anyone is interested in it, please contact MEC and Dr. Barnhart. I contribute to support MEC because it is one of the few worthwhile organizations. The fact that MEC gave John Major Jenkins a shot speaks volumes.


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