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Hi Richard,

I definitely also find the Pacal '52 - 2012 link to be most intriguing.
My own take is that this is a designed juxtaposition, not coincidental.

As for the 20 baktun issue, I've shied away from it, mainly because
it is my understanding that there is a consensus towards the
revised GMT dating, which if I understand correctly means that
the consensus is that the Long Count is 13 cycles. That is the heart
of the '4772' matter, is it not?

Would you be able to provide a link to the email exchange you mention?

"Pacal's tomb was found in July, 1952. The 13th Baktun date will
occur in the 60th anniversary year of the discovery."

Yes, and this is quite exquisite, from the standpoint of potential design,
if the intent of the designer is to reinforce the theme of time through
such a correlation. 2012 is really about a regionally
specific dating system, the Long Count, whereas 60 is a very time
specific number tied to a global time standard, seconds and minutes.

When we contemplate the likelihood of inferred design, if our metaphysics
allows for it, then we need to consider the strength of improbabilities.
My this measure it becomes relevant that 20 - a sacred Mayan number -
factors perfectly into this universal 60. It appears that the intent of this
design may partly involve the linking of the Mayan Long Count with a
scheduled (timed) planetary change.

Of course there are variables that seem to support this style of reasoning,
perhaps the nautical mile system, where the planet is set to being exactly
21600 nautical miles at the equator, or 60 x 60 x 6 n-miles. If this is another
metaphor to encourage global orientation, then we must now add the English
nautical mile system to the Mayans and the Sumerians (I think they gave us
time) in terms of what's being used to convey this wider design.

But if we include the nautical mile system,
then so, of course, must we include the culture that came together
right when the Long Count began, ancient Egypt, as its most famous
landmark, the Great Pyramid 'addresses' the earth by a near perfect
21600 x 2 ratio, 43,200 to 1, the dimensions of the Earth from the equator
on up!

All of these variables, which are unarguable, do indeed suggest a profound
Pacal link. But they also transcend Mayanism as they incorporate other
cultures as well. In fact, if they aren't all coincidental, then we literally
must concede that multiple cultures are being used to convey this global

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