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John Major Jenkins replies re 2012
Author: PB Bytes ()
Date: April 02, 2011 06:48PM
Hi all

In the last few days I have encountered some people on this
board who have either strongly inferred or outright accused
John Major Jenkins of ducking some 'lingering' questions that
he had posted on his web site several years ago and never
fully responded to.

For those of you who don't know John, he is the foremost
spokesman on 2012, an unlettered but nonetheless fine
archeological researcher in the eyes of many (including some
lettered individuals within archeology) and, like many of the
best serious researchers in 2012, someone who is adamant
in saying that December 2012 will represent a time of major
planetary transition, NOT a one-off event where ETs
come along and rescue people just before 200 meter tidal
waves hit both sides of the Atlantic at precisely 11:11 am
Greenwich Meridian Time, et cetera.

I decided to step in for John, and make him aware of the
banter going back and forth because it is my opinion that
a couple of the posters here who have made this suggestion
are fair-minded individuals who simply don't know this
about John. By extension I further suspect that they see
him in a dim light because some people have sought to
paint him with the same brush that has been used, quite
appropriately, in the cases of people who are really out there
trying to make a buck off of 2012 with no regard for how that
effects society at large nor how it twists what 'may' be a
message of profound consequence. Hopefully, when they
read John's replies and look more deeply into his work,
they will see him as a very different character than the
one they have constructed with their own imaginations.
Hopefully also, in doing so, they will look back at the
original sources who provided them with this caricature in
the first place, and ask some question about said sources
character and competence.

I also decided to step in because in reading much of John's
work - and I have never met John personally - and in becoming
familiar with his history, I am convinced that he is a person
who has dedicated to his life to a cause that he believes in
with minimal regard to his own self interest, placing the
discipline he serves above lesser priorities to which so many
of us succumb. Part of this process seems to have required
John (if only in his own mind) to separate himself from
potential 2012 allies in order to present the purest message
of what he believes the Mayan Long Count represents. When
one considers the gamesmanship involved in celebrity, this
in itself reveals an exceptional strength of character,
because the obvious expectation of any seasoned adult who
feels compelled to do this is very straightforward: that
those who could have been his allies will now step away from
him, or worse, because he chose not to tow the party line.
Try to imagine how much sacrifice that would entail for
someone on the leading edge of a topic which, for valid
reasons or not, is growing exponentially in terms of public
interest as we approach December, 2012.

So I emailed John last night, and told him about the dissing
that was going on, which concerned the page following this
paragraph. Basically he was accused of was drawing up a
list of questions that (his detractors assumed) he could not
answer. The page in question, which is now about ten years
old, is here.


We had to go back and forth with a few emails before he
knew exactly what I was trying to get him to email him about.
I also knew that he had responded very clearly to some of
the questions on said list.

At first he thought I was asking him to responded to an entire
thread. Accordingly he wrote a lengthy reply which immediately
follows as 'reply 1'. When I straightened him out on that John
followed up with a second 'reply 2' where he wished to clarify
why he added the subpage in the first place. Finally, he
got that I was asking for an item by item response to the
subpage. After letting me know, as I knew, that he has answered
these questions many times over the years, he agreed to
put forward a response, which he tells me he will be drawing
up in a few days.

Here then, are John's replies to me

Thank you for the heads up. I cloicked around on that very liengthy exchange and am not sure what I should be responding too. As with many boards, there's a lot of underinformed opinion being thrown around. i've learned that these can be bottomless pits of endless back-and-forth, but i am interested in clarifying wrongs assumptions. What is it that I am suppose to be ducking? You can post the following if you want:

I am currently in Mexico. Three days ago I was able to take a look at Tortuguero Monument 6 in the Villahermosa museum. This was pretty much a miracle because the monument has been in storage for several years, since a flood. As a consequence of the paper I presented last year at the Society for American Archaeology conference, the astronomy in all 13 dates is now a topic of great interest. that was the first place (apart from my 2009 book The 2012 Story) that an astronomical analysis of the 13 dates was published. You can read my original paper and the revealing debate that followed last December, hosted by the Maya Exploration Center: [www.mayaexploration.org]

Bottom line, many of the professional degreed scholars are resisting the new evidence for my 2012 alignment reconstruction, and are wielding prejudicial tools of polemics, simply because it cannot be allowed --- i.e., that a non-degreed independent researcher was barking up the right tree long before they, the Phd's, took 2012 seriously.

Discoveries that Maya scholar Michael Grofe and I made in conversations and investigations two years ago are now, in the plodding domain of academic publishing, getting into the pipeline for publication. Grofe is really making some amazing breakthroughs. My SAA paper was expanded for publication in an academic anthology for the University of Florida Press, another paper of mine will be published later this year in an anthology of essays on 2012 by various Maya scholars, introduced by elder Maya scholar Michael Coe. Grofe has just finalized a revolutionary essay on Maya astronomy which will be published with the Oxford Archaeoastronomy IX collection. All of this circles back to support for the "2012 alignment" thesis in which I argued, 15 years ago, that the creators of the Long Count intended the 13th Baktun period endning to mark the alignment of the December solstice sun and the Crossriads of the Milky way and the ecliptic. I showed how this alignment was embedded into Maya traditions, the Creation Myth, and on the monuments of Izapa. That much misunderstood yet, now it would seem, pioneering work, was of course published in my 1998 book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012.

A couple quick comments. It's misleading to say the Long Count is Olmec. The boundaries between cultures is not as clear cut as the temporal dividing lines given in charts would lead us to believe. The Isthmian/Soconusco culture (sometimes referred to "the Izapan civilization") was thriving in the time and place of the Long Count's first appearance in the archaeological record --- the first century BC. The Olmec were long gone. The early Maya were already sprouting in the Peten, and distinctly "Izapan" cultural artifacts, such as the Hero Twin Creation Myth (which is carved on the monuments of Izapa) were later adopted by the Classic Maya. The "Izapan" --- or I would say (along with Michael Coe), the "early Maya" --- Creation Myth later appears as an honored heritage among the Highland Quiche Maya in the 1550s.

I am an advocate for the modern Maya voice; always have been. Please read Part II of The 2012 Story. I am a founding member of the Maya Conservancy which has already done three educational projects aiding the Highland Maya since its founding a year ago. I've directed media to interview Maya elders on their concerns and beliefs. The interviewers have several times taken my cues and contacted the Maya I led them to and then threw me under the bus, because they conflate my 2012 alignment research with exploitative doomsday pimps in the marketplace. As far as loose pages on my website, that's what happens when you wear too many hats and are doing it all yourself. Those items on that page, in any case, have been addressed numerous times in my talks and my books and on other pages on my website. sometimes pages are tossed up with the intent of expanding later, and the energy goes elsewhere.

For those who would like to see the latest breakthroughs and the ONLY close-up pictures of the hieroglyphic inscription on Tortuguero Monument 6, I'll be in Glastonbury mid-May, at the Megalithomania conference. Hope to see you there. These are exciting times. I also spent time at the Triad Group at Palenque and have some new things to share --- all of which sheds light on who the Crossroads and the dark rift were key players. I cannot at this moment engage dialogue because I am in Mexico at a cheap hotel and will be travelling tomorrow. Just like the old days, in the 80s and 90s --- on a shoestring. Best wishes,

John Major Jenkins

chef - I then sent him the aforementioned link, which had been nested in the
message body of my original email, which John apparently did not see.

reply 2 - Do you mean, address the items in that link? That's really old stuff and I've already elaborated on all those things over and over again. I'm not even sure where to direct people. I think that link went up 9 years ago, so the Galactic Alignment book, The 2012 Story, various pages on the Mayan Calendar Studies tab on Alignment2012.com, and also my [Update2012.com] page should cover it. If/when I have time, and if there's is serious and informed interest, I'll try to give a quick summary in the next few days.

chef - Having considered what my impressions of the posters with whom I had
been bantering on this matter, I told John that I did think they were fair-
minded individuals are obviously intelligent persons and therefore
deserved a fuller reply. Believe me, had I not honestly though this, I
would not have bothered with even the first email. I for one am sick and
tired of the way some people try to drag others through the mud for
their own twisted reasons.

reply 3 - it should be made known that the "Critique Clearinghouse" was an afterthought linked to the bottom of this page: [www.alignment2012.com], in which I dealt with six pressing items of misconception (as of 9 or 10 years ago).

I will try to update the actual page, if my ftp program works. so look for it tomorrow, otherwise I'll send you the details.

There ya go.

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