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cladking wrote:

> It seems the very last thing an orthodox believer would want to
> suggest is that anyone deal with what the builders actually
> said. Orthodox assumptions and beliefs are entirely at odds
> with what the people said.

Problem is; you think you know what the "builders" say and consider that a fact. Most of us on the other hand think you have a very vivid imagination when it comes to the PT...

> I don't believe it's even possible to understand the builders
> if we don't even know how they did something as simple as
> stacking 6 1/2 million tons of stone. Unless this was rocket
> science the solution should be very very simple and very very
> obvious. Yet we don't have even a ghost of a clue and proceed
> on "musttav's" and guesses.

Ramps are quite simple you know ;-)

> It is not legitimate to say implications don't matter if you
> don't know how it was done. You are simply restating the guess
> that it mustta been ramps despite the fact that ramps have been
> disproven.

Ramps haven't been disproven. Just because you don't like ramps and you don't believe the AE could push blocks on them doesn't disprove them.
You just disagree, but you haven't disproven anything.

> You are simply restating an assumption that it was
> laborious work without knowing anything and despite what the
> builders said. Besideas saying the pyramid was the ka of the
> king they also said quite clearly that the Gods built the
> pyramids.
> Until orthodox believers have any sort of real evidence the
> builders' words are plenty good enough for me.

see above, first comment

> The Gods did build the pyramids and out duty is to determine
> who these gods were and how they accomplished so monumental a
> feat. Stop guessing and start with some real science. Science
> is observation so this might be the exact place to look.

I suspect you mean the whole gods are geysers and machines (or parts of them) thing; again see above.

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