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Scanda wrote:
> So many people were recommending totally discredited books.
> I thought everyone on here would have read Giza: The Truth
> (Yet not one person mentioned it).

Hi.. who's Truth? Must admit I deliberately avoided this book the moment I saw Ogilvie-Herald's name on front (he being a former editor of the numerous-times "relaunched" "Quest for Knowledge" magazine & unfortunately they're not in my good books because I got nothing for my subscription money & no refund). Though I did once take a look thru "Giza" in shop.. it looked pretty dull to me, & more like a who's-who of discrediting other researchers but I could be wrong.

Apart from Graham & Robert's books of course, there's loads of great stuff & some already mentioned earlier, but anyway a few more worth checking out are..
Cremo/Thompson "The Hidden History of The Human Race", pub. by Govardhan Hill & abridged from the more lengthy "Forbidden Archeaology". Also good is Cremo's response to all the flak he got over "Forbidden Archeaology", i.e. "Forbidden Archeology's Impact", pub. by Bhaktivedanta Books.
Another one is David Drew's "The Lost Chronicles of The Maya Kings" pub. Weidenfield & Nicolson, & is excellent. Also any of the William R. Corliss sourcebooks are great especially "Ancient Infrastructure - Remarkable Roads, Mines, Walls, Mounds & Stone Circles" and "Ancient Man: A Handbook of Puzzling Artifacts".. some of these are available from Amazon or else I got them from the excellent Arcturus Books in Florida (who accept credit cards & will ship around the world)

Other recommended publishers are: Adventures Unlimited Press - they do lots of great stuff including the works of David Hatcher Childress (, & they also publish the excellent "Word Explorer" magazine. Another good magazine is "Atlantis Rising (
Also the "Ancient American" magazine is superb, not sure of the url. Somebody already mentioned Nexus magazine & I'd agree about that. And for freethinkers only (i.e. wouldn't want to upset anyone, hehe) - try Prometheus Books, they have a ton of stuff (, also the publishers "The Book Tree" ( A lot of the titles from these publishers are also available from Amazon. (If any of the url's I've given don't work, e-mail & I'll check it out. btw, sorry if we're not meant to supply links here, the moderator will just have to delete!)

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