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Cheers for that - I'll plough through it all later.

From the first part and general scanning it looks pretty unsurprising and predictable.

There seem to be a fair few egos flying around.

There is no doubt that the book does waiver between fact and opinion in places but for me they stand out like sore thumbs.

At least when they are speculating they tell you why - and I found myself disagreeing with them on several occasions.

On the whole the book is very useful though. eg Clandestine tunnelling rumours totally disproved etc. Anyone who has read the book list posted below will know about everything they discuss and will be glad they read it though.

It certainly is written in a better way than many other 'alternative' books, though.

Ever wonder why this whole genre is now put under 'mind,body and spirit' in Waterstones these days? Used to history, you know. :o)

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