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There appears another referent that I had previously missed in trying to seek a complete and total literal understanding of the Pyramid Texts.

Nehebkau the "harnesser of kas" or "appointer of positions" is the representation of the hydraulic cycle. The ka is the essence or life force of a thing which is independent of it's physical or temporal manifestation. According to the builders of the great pyramids the pyramid itself was the ka of the king which existed after he shuffled off the mortal coil. Since many of the Gods were water then harnesser of kas is what's left of these Gods after they have dried up.

1140c. (he is dried) by the wind of the great Isis, together with (which) the great Isis dried (him) like Horus.

The wind dries. This observation is just short of the water comes back as rain.

1146a. N. is the pouring down of rain; he came forth as the coming into being of water;

So the rivers flow to the sea but never fill them.

1146b. for he is the Nḥb-kȝ.w-serpent with the many coils;

Nehebkau is a serpent, a leak, and his coils are the clouds in the sky.

It certainly appears these lines were meant literally.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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