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I found a "juicy" little definition of "nehebkau" in the Coffin Texts that I had somehow overlooked;



His name is "One Who Spits Out the Nile", who gives himself. Nehebkau. He who eats his fathers. He who eats his mothers. He who drives off set when he is angry. He who begot the Bull of On. He who swallowed the flood. ...

This is exactly what the hydraulic cycle does; it spits out the Nile. It gives itself. It eats its fathers and mothers which are oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. It drives off the standing water that comes from the abyss on the horizon that they called "set". It gave rise to the boats that lifted the pyramids. It swallows the flood.

Of course most of the Coffin Texts aren't even in Ancient Language but this doesn't matter because the modern language speaking authors understood the nature of many of these concepts such as "nehebkau" and they knew how the pyramids were built. Ancient knowledge was fading into oblivion and these modern authors lacked this knowledge but they had lots of ancient literature and they could communicate in modern language. They simply didn't understand the science or the language.

I can tell it's not in Ancient Language because the grammar is poor and the context isn't stated. It's order is wrong. It is merely an interpretation of Ancient Language by someone who understood the basics and none of the science.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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