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Hello Karen.

Your name is ancient, .....No...your Not Karen/Charon and the river Styx : )

Dynastic Egypt is migration people's Adaption of exant**...Ancient ruines.

The actual age of the Sphinx and the Temples in front of Temples who's huge Limestone blocks were hewn out to create the Sphinx! ...the Temples, ...possibly some megalithic blocs hauled up,Plateau incline to become Tiers of Menkaure Mortuary Temple.
These are Pre Dynastic. ....going back to Ancient North Africa and post glacial melt surge
Standing water and Ancient Ur Nile which flowed Westward via Space Shuttle terrain radar mapping!

Antoine Gigal and Sher. ...prove via publish that Giza plateau is far far ancient than ramblings of Zahi Hawass.

Zawiyet el Aryan & Abu Roash were both Stellar cartography platforms mapping the sky
To the Arc minute/Ecliptic! [Robert Temple ]

They were never Pyramid’s!

T Bird

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