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Zawyet el-Aryan is a town in Egypt, located between Giza and Abusir. To the west of the town, just in the desert area, is a necropolis, referred to by the same name. Almost directly east across the Nile is Memphis. In Zawyet el-Aryan, there are 2 pyramid complexes. Unusually there are just these 2 complexes, and little else.

The pyramid complexes are known as the Layer Pyramid built in the third dynasty, and another ruined structure, called the Northern Pyramid built in the fourth dynasty. This second complex has not been extensively explored or excavated.

This photograph was taken in 1905. I have never come across this site before.
Look at the size of those megalithic blocks and what is that altar thing? Has anyone here been to this site?

'photo de la cuve de la grande excavation de zaouiet el-aryan
service des antiquités de l'égypte (alexandre barsanti)'



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