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Dear Graham, and everyone else,

Hi. Over the past year or so Iv'e read:

1)The Orion Mystery
2)Fingerprints of the Gods
3)Heavens Mirror
4)Keeper of the Genesis
5)the Mars Mystery
6)Hidden Chamber
7)the Hiram Key (Lomas + Knight)
8)the Second Messiah (Lomas + Knight)
9)Uriel's Machine (Lomas + Knight)

I was wondering if anyone else could recomend some other books to me, that run along the same lines as the above books. There are lots of books out there, and I don't want to waste my money (I'm a student) on a load of trash.


Jake Rendel

Also to Graham,

I really like your and Roberts books, but one thing Iv'e found is that in the titles, you use 'religious' words such as Gods, heaven and genesis. I understand why you have picked these words, but whenever my friends see them, they think I'm some kind of new age Christian!!! I know its petty, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

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