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what is DMT-

dimethyltryptamine - an EXTREMELY POTENT HALLUCINOGEN found in:

a. the seeds of the syrian rue plant in the middle east
b. the bark of the north african acacia tree
c. the amazonian banisteriopsis vine
d. your body right now
e. all of the above

the correct answer is (drumroll) e- all of the above!!

ever hear of DMT? a thousand times 'stronger' than acid, than mushrooms, than peyote... used in shamanistic rituals ...

was it the burning bush of moses? (burn that acacia tree)!!!
did Jesus ingest a whole bunch in the desert, in the Egyptian mystery schools?
DMT is secreted , as we speak- from your pineal gland. The pineal gland is also responsible for the secretion of melatonin...

DMT is in your body right now, and if you are an American Citizen- then you are eligible for arrest by the DEA right now, for possession of a schedule 1 narcotic....

however- your stomach has chemical inhibitors that break down DMT so you do not walk around permanently stoned all day. from an evolutionary perspective this is only practical... time for work, time for play. No work= no food= death.
look it up all over the World wide Web, if you can get a hold of some contact me...


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