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As the follow up to this thread ;


In the first part i observed the correlation of the relieving chambers to 72* projections from centre, in terms of pentagonal or Phi geometry, as seen in the inner circle in the diagram below, where it can also be seen that this can be better understood by extending the proportions of the conjectured to the floor of the Kings chamber.

That provides a good basis for realising the width/height proportions of the granite blocks. The proportions in themselves are quite simple and self explanatory, one important factor i wanted to look at furthur though was how a central linear column can be derived from pentagonal geomtry as that appeared to be of religious significance from other examples studied of Egyptian design, and in the case of the Kings chamber would find correlation with the placing of the coffin.

One also sees below the relationship of the succesive layers of the roof of the grand gallery to the layering of the relieving chambers.

The religious principles i wanted to look at then was this vertical column derivative of pentagonal geomtry that i have studied previously and found it to relate to 'the double doors of Heaven' iconograpjy seen on canopic boxes, though also seen presented independantly of this context in a quite abstract manner, in the sense that this column is a factor in itself.


It can be seen below, in conjunction with the presentation of a five stepped plinth of the throne of Osiris;

It's a straightforward matter to project illustrations where a central column is involved and succesive layering onto to the Kings Chamber diagram, and i would conclude that the same principles were involved...


There is the possibility of a grand idea involving precession in these schematics if the five stepped layers correlate to five great ages (in terms of precession 5x5,200=26,000 years), i looked at the numerics of such here;



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