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going over the many assorted threads concerning the debates
between hancock and fagan, a poor wanderer such as I becomes
lost when all this talk of 'method' comes into play...

from fagan's team, representing the Traditionalists (huzzah!) we have the following hypothesis
and supporting evidence:

civilization arose among man following the gradual development of agriculture in 4000BC in the fertile crescent.

in 2500BC the Egyptians became architects and seamen. (of course
they were all semen before they built some big pyramids, similar in general structure to the ziggurats being built a couple hundred miles north and east in Sumeria, modern Iran, Turkey, and Mesopotamia.

these pyramids were built as tombs for the pharaohs, in some sort of bizarre death-cult ritual.

the technology involved in building the pyramids was strictly hard manual labor, and nothing more. no levitation, no mathematical meanings...nothing.
evidence for this side consists of :

no 10,000 + year old country currently represented at the United Nations.

lots of history books written after 1850 that agree with their position.

representing the 'lost ATLiens' side of things is:

myself, aka Oziris, aka the one and only Egyptian Lord of the Dead, aka Quetzalcoatl, aka el viracocha! aka Woden aka Enlil aka Shiva aka John Lennon aka Tupac Shakur (the seven hundred seventy thousand and seven day theory)

what evidence have i left for you mortals concerning the people from which i myself came?

consider the great lengths to which i went to encode precessional mathematics into all of the world's myth structures...

consider the perfection of my cosmic mirror at egypt, which aligns harmoniously with my chosen star system...

as well as the incorporation of pi, and the golden ratio, into its incredible figure...

consider its twin, half a world away in present day Mexico, again aligned harmoniously with my chosen star system... again incorporating pi into its figure...

consider my summer palace in Cambodia... and the code hidden within its forms...

consider my volleyball court and puppeteer stage off the coast of Japan... (how i miss my sock puppet Muffy!)

consider my 'cosmic discoteque' in England... i believe you refer to it as stonehenge or something...

and what is that curious picture on the american 1 dollar bill?

in the land of the blind
the one-eyed man
remains king.

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