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The pentagonal underlay of the Great Pyramid design format is the modified work of Rob Miller based upon my first drafts, with the added impetus of Geoffss in devising the stylised Pentagram, the 'woody'


As a continuance of the cross~sectioned elevation of the Great Pyramid Pentagonal design, the base of 440rc is divided into 6 sections on a 2 to 1 rectangular format which yields a larger section of 73.33333rc to 36.666666rc, theoretically, this is a fundamental building Block which on first draft seems to define the internal parameters of the passages within the Great Pyramid

Wherein the subdivision of the 73.333333rc dimension yields the 3.05555rc measure, which equals 440rc when multiplied by the number 144.

This has resonance with the passage in chapter 21 of The book of Revelation: The New Jerusalem:21:17

'He measured its wall and it was 144 cubits thick, by mans measurement' technically not exactly the same, but resonant all the same and in this there is the possibility of the encodification using this value.

Furthermore in an earlier verse of Revelation:2 The Church in Pergamum it reads;

'I will also give him a white stone with a new name on it, known only to him who receives it' The White Stone being a starkalluding to the once Limestone covered Pyramid, allowing for the possibility.

Continuing with the Block format in tandem with the underlayed Pentagonal design, which may lean towards the irrefutable the vertical section of the stacked 1/6th base derived 2 to 1 rectangles may provide elucidation regarding the passages.

Anyone familiar with Revelation will remember the repetition of the number 7, The 7 scrolls,seals,candlestick,trumpets,spirits if god etc etc......

So the 7th block touches at the corner with the Apothem and also touches the inside of the pentagon, wherein block number 1 on the bottom of the vertical stack virtually touches the bottom of the sub~chamber passage, near the sump line. The bottom of the gg follows the root5 diagonal of the component 2 to 1 and the QC passage follows the horizontal line, added to the sub~passage et al.

Now, numerically the 73.3333333rc figure may seem decidely unastonishing at first glance, other than being a 6th divisor of 440rc, with its divisible components in with the value 144 also, but when it is multiplied by PI variant or fundamental PI as John Michell refers to it, which sits between ordinal and archaic at 3.141818181 we find that the resultant circumference of an inscribed circle within a square of the same sides yields very familiar values, to those familiar that is;


so this value of the Circ's of each inscribed circle is in its normative form 2304, a base 72 value, which is associated with rationalised Precession and Earth Mean Diameter and so;

14.4rc~ manifold.

So a 16th division of each inscribed circumference has a measure of 14.4 rc

The figures yielded may point to scriptural encodification or not, but the design format given may point to a sublime plan....or not.

The value resonance based upon the 1/6th derived 2 to 1 from 440rc is legion and has many other connotations~ more later.

Best Regards


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