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Hi Michael,

Beautifully done again.


In Hebrew the second letter BETH, literally translates as Stone. EL translates as Shone or shining. This is also resonant with the sentence in the book of Zechariah which states the stone with the seven eyes that flash with fire.

Seven is rife throughout scripture too, Revelation especially, the seven horned beast et al, the lamb of god which has seven eyes. It is popularly given by biblical literalists that the New Covenant superceeded the old and therefore the Ark was supplanted....but if that is so then why is it also given in Revelation.

Rev 11:19 In the chapter the seventh Trumpet.

@Then God's temple in Heaven was opened and within his temple was seen the sacred chest of his covenant........@

The enormous red dragon in Chapter Twelve Has 7 heads, 10 horns and 7 crowns........Plays on words.


Best Regards

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