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The ephemeral nature of "facts" and "truth" is self evident. What is considered the "truth" today, what could be taken as a "fact" today, is not necessarily cast in the same mold tomorrow.

It is the rigidity of non-acceptance and resistance to change which is displayed by those who see "facts" and "truth" as immovable and absolute that I find so interesting to observe. In "truth" (pun intended), there are those marvelous souls who seem to possess the ability to successfully defend presently accepted "facts" with a certain degree of "tongue in cheek". They realize the very basic premise of the "truth" as being determined by individual systems of belief, sometimes viewed collectively as established "fact". But there is not necessarily safety in numbers, so to speak, insofar as the ultimate determination of "truth" being derived from quantity of acceptance is concerned; for me, there IS no "ultimate" truth, with the possible exception of how this "truth" relates to a given individual.

For me, it is the individual employment of imagination which fires the thirst for knowledge; following the urge to pursue an impulsive thought to its not-so-inevitable conclusion. Plato and Socrates knew this; Einstein and Schroedinger knew this; Doctor Pepper and Mr. Peanut know this. To limit one's thinking to categories of conclusion predetermined by another is to deprive oneself of the opportunity for personal exploration into whatever concept grasps the attention at any given time.

Established Religion seems to employ these categories of conclusion, as does (to an extent) Established Science.

Just a few thoughts…my apologies.


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