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Hi All,

Where did all of the following come from? Allowing the Great Pyramid to establish the its own parameters gives clues as to the possible intentions of the ancient builders. The Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid provides some interesting conceptual mathematical discourse in that it offers a simple method to confirm the Great Pyramid’s intended dimensions. Starting with the 54 notches, for which no one has offered a satisfactory explanation, carved into the ramps near the floor of the Grand Gallery and multiply them by the 14 (7 each side) corbels of stone gives the number of 756, which is equal’s the base length of the Great Pyramid base in feet.
With these 54 notches and 54 notches carved into the walls makes a total of 108 notches, when multiplied by the total number of corbels 28 (4 walls 7 corbels) equal to 3024 a number equal to the perimeter of the Great Pyramid in feet.

The Grand Gallery contains two grooves, one in the east wall and one in the west wall for which no one has offered a satisfactory explanation. The groves are 7 inches high, 1 inch deep, and 5 inches up on the 3rd overlapping corbel and runs the entire length of the gallery which conceptually divides the corbels into two sections of three-sevenths and four sevenths.

Multiplying the number of ceiling stones (40) by the number of notches (54) in the ramps, corbels (28) and the four sevenths of the upper corbels 4/7 gives a number figure 34560…(40 * 54 *28 * 4/7= 34,560) Also using the lower corbels of 3/7 produces (40 * 54 * 28 * 3/7 = 25,920), does anyone not know that this number signifies the great year? Adding the wall notches to the ramp notches produces (40 * 108 * 28 * 4/7 = 69,120) the same using the lower corbels 3/7 yields 40 * 108 * 28 * 3/7 = 51,840

You would think this impossible, the AE could not possibly have placed this information here in this form, it is only coincidence. Is it or isn't it? Further we find using only the ramp notches (54) time the corbels (28) times 4/7 = 864, the same for the bottom 3/7 = 648, all of the notches (108) times the corbels (28) and 4/7 = 1728 or 12^3, the same for the bottom 3/7 = 1296 or 9*12^2. The same sequence of numbers produced by the various levels of the Sun Pyramid at Teotihuacan.

There are many different combination's of the decorative elements of the Grand Gallery that form mathematical equations with out touching a measuring device. Were these placed in the Grand Gallery to supply hints of the builder’s intended mathematical discourse? This conceptual framework seems to be continuous throughout the Great Pyramid and can be extended to the Kings Chamber where is found, similar equations concealed within the course blocks of the Kings Chamber that establishes the angle of the GP, provides a unit of measure and gives a value for π in the form of 22/7.

The ceiling of the Kings Chamber using conceptual mathematics finds the ceiling is comprised of nine stones, seven full stones with two partial stones on the north and south ends respectively. Taking this to mean 7 full stone and 2 partial stones 7.2 or 72, finding 7.2 is the sqrt of 51.84 (14/11 seked) and 72 is the sqrt of 5184. The Kings Chamber’s wall’s top course contains 7 blocks total, just below the top course is a course that contains 24 blocks. Dividing the second course by the top course gives the value for of 24/ 7 which is a double 12/7 Pyramid base equals (21^2) 441 * 12/7 cubits produces the number 756 found in the Grand Gallery’s notches and corbels. The fourth course down is comprised of 22 blocks divided by the top course gives 22/7 or 3 1/7.

There are too many coincidences to accept as not being intentional! The floor of the Kings Chamber continues this same pattern of so called coincidences. But that is for another time. This may not prove the Ancient Egyptians had any knowledge of the British Foot but if found to be viable demonstrates the true builders of the Pyramids were aware of and used the British foot and inch and were surely capable of calculating and dividing a circle into degrees.



"True knowledge stands on its own merit, true knowledge needs no cheerleaders, only receptors. There is no amount of attitude that will strengthen true knowledge".~Author unknown!

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