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Graham Hancock:

I did not want this post to be part of the previous post. So this is why two posts, to you, in a row.

Have you heard of the author Leonard Shlain. He is a vascular surgeon by profession operating on carotid arteries. He tells us in his work in the PREFACE that he “has had the opportunity to observe firsthand the profoundly different functions performed by the different hemispheres of the brain. He says, “my unique perspective led me to propose a neuroanatomical hypothesis to explain why goddesses and priestesses disappeared from Western religions.

His work isn’t written like a vascular surgeon but is well written and footnoted with source material. He deals with the mythologies and culture around the world and it is quite an impressive work. I highly recommend it especially if you are going to answer your own question as to whys of Lost Civilizations..

I believe that this author will do you credit when you realize his premise. His work “THE ALPHABET VERSUS THE GODDESS: The Conflict Between Word and Image (462 pgs, Viking Press 1998)” basic thesis is that when cultures began to learn language through the alphabet the Goddess disappeared from culture.

Shlain see a cultural different between writing in the vertical rather than writing in the linear. Vertical writing is done with symbol and images as seen in Egypt, Mayan, Orient. When cultures like the Hebrew and Greek comes along the Goddess disappear from the scene and the patriarchal society advances to the forefront. Note that the Hebrew though horizontal it has a similar thrust as the vertical languages because each letter in a word has a numerical and symbolic meaning. It is the totality of all the letters of a word that defines it. It is almost as if it is the missing link from vertical writing to horizontal writing.

This basically is my argument with the Genesis text. If you study the Adam & Eve story in light of Shlain premise (which is also mine) you will see that Yahweh (masculine) does not appear until the 35th verse of the Bible: the Elohym (feminine) is in control. It is a 50/50 proposition. In fact the word Elohym (feminine) is mentioned 35 times before the word Yahweh comes on the scene. The Zohar tells us that when the word Yahweh appears by itself in the text the Elohym is inferentially inferred. This nuance would also extend to the word Elohym by itself.

The word “create = bara” actually means “choose, select, separate”. So Elohym (& Yahweh) “separated Adam into male (patriarchal) and female (matriarchal)”. When you read the second chapter you see that is exactly what Yahweh does when he opens up Adam. But note that in the First Chapter of Genesis where Elohym is 50/50 the Tree of Life is geometrically structured into the text.

When the feminine takes over it is 50/50. When the Masculine takes over the majority is always Yahweh as if it is 100/0.

When you view the edict of Yahweh telling Adam not to eat of the tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil and you see in the 3rd chapter the serpent beguiles Eve to eat of the tree you begin to realize what is actually happening here.

You have seen me put my research about the Kabbalistic Tree of Life on your forum. I have demonstrated that this Tree of Life is in the First Chapter of Genesis geometrically within the word structure. This is an IMAGE. It goes against Yahweh’s ten commandments. Once the image is seen it is understood at a glance. But to read it linearly it can’t be seen. Shlain does not argue the linguistics of the text as I do. What I am saying is that the people that wrote Genesis understood the problems that Shlain is dealing with in his book and so that was the first issue the ancient dealt with because this is the beginning of wisdom. This is Genesis.

I don’t know whether you realize it or not your problem is the same. You are seeing the lost civilization problem from a glance: the IMAGE. The rest of the world sees the world linearly. This is your battle with the world. It is your task to show the linearly speaking people that are the powers that be at the moment to see the images as you see them. If you can build up a reference of authors like Shlain, Campbell and whoever you can quote them extensively demonstrating why the lost civilizations directly seen. It is because the ancients saw the “Night of Darkness” coming over the world and they prepared for it. The major proof you have of that theme is the Book of Genesis.

I believe that humanity is made up of two types of people. Those that live mentally within the Patriarchal complex and those that live within the Matriarchal complex.

Consider this: In order for a person with the propensity for the Patriarchal “complex (for the lack of a better word” to understand the IMAGE (feminine) he must learn to discover it and see it in all its glory.

Whereas, in order for those people with the propensity for the Matriarchal “complex” to understand the “WORD” they have to break the image down linearly.

I believe that the ancients knew there world was going and their educational system would disappear. When you look at it there really is no need for the Gizeh Plateau, or the Mayan Pyramid complex, or the Cambodian temples. The only purpose they seem to have is for us. We are their future and that is who these temples were for.

My basic premise about the writings of antiquity is that the ancients took the Seven Liberal Art: Arithmetic, Music/Harmony, Geometry, Astronomy/Astrology, Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic/Dialectics and they integrated these seven separate and distinct sciences into one science. We today in the 21st Century have nothing that equals it. That is why we can’t believe that such a system exist in ancient literature. Though I did prove the four mathematical sciences in Dante’s work. I touch very little of his grammatical text. Yet, in order for the text to have any cohesions at all the three grammatical arts would have to be present in the body of the text.

When we read the ancient text we are merely reading it from a grammatical point of view. Which is further complicated by it being translated into a different language. Even if the average man had the original language in his hand this does mean he will get at the spiritual message of the text. The individual will still have to know how to get at all seven liberal arts.

If you can grasp the marriage of the Mathematical (feminine) with the Grammatical (masculine) you can begin to understand why image takes a back seat to the alphabet.

We personally have two different problems which I believe are akin to each other. One you are trying to convince Academia there are lost civilizations back 10 to 13 thousand BC. My dilemma is to try and convince Christians or whoever that to study the Bible the individual must go back to the original languages. What is apparently so very obvious to you and myself and many of the people that agree with you is beyond the grasp of those that don’t see it. Why? I believe that is where Dr. Shlain comes in.

Let me know what you think about Shlain’s work.

Bill Meegan

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