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Am I a broken record? Yes! Why? Because I am right and you are wrong! Sounds childish? Read this! Just the facts!

1-Plato( 427-347 B.C.) NEVER used the expression "9000 years before Solon", or "900 years" or "9000 months". HE SAID: 5000 !
Solon (b. 640/638 BC. - d. 560/558 BC.)+ 5000= 5500-5600BC!
Have you ever considered that the greek numerals 5000 and 9000 are almost identical? :) This discovery belongs to Livezeanu Mihai from Craiova city/Oltenia-SW region from Romania.

2-William Ryan and Walter Pitman, Petko Dimitrov tested (C-14) the cores from the Black Sea and the ones from 155m depth are in fact showing a "line" of terrestrial plants covered almost instantly by water plants and animal . The age of this "line": 7500 years! That means somewere around 5500 BC the Black(fresh water) Sea was flooded by Mediterana(salt water)- the concentration here is 20-22/1000 while in the oceans is the 3033/1000! Now you know why...

3-5508 BC is year one in tracian-romanian traditions and was used by tracian emperors of the Eastern Roman Empire, is used by christian orthodox church today and was used in romanian medieval times by kings as "year one"! Take a look on the net about this year, just for fun :)

4-Age of Danube Delta= 7500 years!

The story is like this:
-Black Sea flooded in 5508 BC;

-The people from romanian SE region of Dobrogea( flooded about 100 km. inland) fled towards the Carpathian mountains-massive demografic change and conflicts:"first civil war";

-The apparition of Neolithic age-cultures like Cucuteni/Tripolje, Starčevo/Criş, Vinča/Turda( by beloved, with Tărtăria writing from 5300 BC-i guess that cuneiform/sumerian complicated writing from the 4 millenium BC is kind of "new"), Tisa, Vădastra( my mother is from here), Boian, Hamangia;

-ATLANTIS- is the island of Ada-Kaleh from the Danube Gorges/Gadeira/Gherdapuri/Sip/CaZaNe"cauldrons"(oKeaNoS in greek myths). The Pillars of Herakles-Calpe and Abila are here, on the mouth of river Cerna(Acheron for greeks), close to the town of...Herculane, not far away from the termal lake- the whole area is tectonic-therefore the name CaZaNe! Why the island was flooded by Okeanos"river ocean"/Danube? Because of the Black Sea huge volume of water added by Mediterana! Imagine the pressure below the Black Sea and how huge earthquakes started. The entire sea bed was lowered, including...Bosphorus . And rains, because the surface of the "new" anoxic Black Sea! Rains, floods, Danube river, Atlantis/Ada-Kaleh, earthquakes...get it? See the pattern?

-The 3 rules of Livezeanu Mihai and Absinthujone:
1. Gods were the romanian kings from the dinasty of BASARAB before and after the flood;
2. Heaven, Hell, Purgatoriu...and so on...any mythology has a number of "holy lands" are regions of Romania;
3. The tribes in the service of the gods were romanian tribes.

...Plain and simple, a few 3 examples, pay atention to the consonants:
_TaRTaR=aRDeaL region( with river LeTHe=oLT),
_HaDes=ieuD/oaSH(STyX=TiSa, PLuTo=PRuT/PeRaTH for jews)...
_SCiLLa and CaRyBDa=SCHeLa CLaDoVei and CLaDoVo...and many, many moore, too many :)

_eDeN=oLTNeNia region, land of Nefilims/Novaci/Nibelungs/Anunnaki...and oLTeNi/aRyaNs/TiTaNs/Tuatha De DaNaaN/aTLaNts...,
_GaN-BaR(garden of eden)=BaRaGaN,
_HaVila=VaLaHia(with river uZoN/PiShoN=BuZau/PhaSSus for greeks!),
_CuSH=SCiTZia/GeTZia/CaSimcea"the house of the flooded"in Dobrogea region(with the river GiHoN=Dunarea/Danube river called also LuNCa or GHiDon"the fork"/see Danube Delta "fork-3 branches: Sulina,Chilia, Saint George"),
_SiRiaRTH=river SiReT(HiDeKel is not Tigris, is Siret"the golden one"),
_PeRaTH=river PRuT...what, you still believe is euPHRaTeS? :)
_coutry of NoD=DaNube delta.

_KuRuKSHeTRa=CaLuSHaRi"horsemen/knights"in romanian traditions,
_AyoDia-SaKeTa=aDJuD-SaSCuT, close to river TRoTuSH=DaSHaRTa-king ruler of Ayodia, father of RaMa-city of RoMan, of BHaRaTa-river BaRLaD...from region Moldova/Basarabia;
_KauRaVa/PaNDaVa=CRaioVa/ from Oltenia region, on "TZaRa LuNCii"(land of everglades)=SRi LaNKa for hinduists, on river Jiu(ancient name RaBoN-The house of "the dragon" RaVaNa/RoViNe/RoViNaRi/GeRyoN for greeks, GwRtheyRN/VoRtiGeRN in welsh, RoBiN hood-enemy of "sherrif of NoThiNGham"-NaNDana/SVaRGa for Indra-NaDaNoVa/iSVeRNa for romanians, GReNDeL/FaFNiR for germano-scandinavs, DRaGoBete for orthodox romanians at 24 feb., VaLeNTine for catholics/protestants at 14 feb., you know him, the womenizer who steal the wifes of others, especially SiTa-sister of Rama(see SHiToaia town), or LaKSHMaNa(LeHaNCea town), SHooRPaNaKa(SHeRBaNeSHTi town)...and so on, cities/towns/villages from the regions Oltenia and Moldova. More than 100 locations discovered by yours truly, they are not random pics. One of my favorites: towns of DRaNiC=DRoNa(military teacher) known also as CHeiRoN-the ceNTauR for greeks, Sir HeCToR/aNToR/eCToRius for Arthurian(Herakles) legends...this is close to SeGaRCea=GRiTaCi(mother of Drona), and BRaToVoeSHTi(BhaRaDWaJa is the law of Drona).
_DWaRKa island is of course aDa-KaLeH...
Ok, I am tired.
I only hope that Graham Hancock is going to see this.
The end of the story is that I can take ANY mythology from Europe, North-Africa, Asia, Polinesia, and compare with anyone to prove that Romania is the only "land of the gods". The rest, "aliens, extraterrestrials, life after death, reincarnation, paralel universe" is bullsh...
Good night!


God is the only Simpsons character to have 5 fingers on each hand.

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