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Hello all,

with all the argument aroung Graham's work i just want to say a few things about what I believe is wrong with orthodox historians and scholars.

The trouble is not whether Graham has hard evidence against todays conventional view, but that academia in general is in such a state that it constricts research into alternate theories to such an extent that orthodox academics get nearly all the funds, the prestige, the access to evidence and the journals.

The evolution of science has been such that new ideas and imagination pop up, but are disdained until such a time that they are vindicated when a few individuals make the courage and time to research them. One most recent example is the ice age theory.

Sadly, it is increasingly hard to achieve this considering the politics that go into publishing articles in those well known journals and academic circles.

The state is not so much that Academics refuse to accept possible theories and are narrow-minded, but that they look down upon it and frequently refuse any attempt to gain evidence for these theories. Any request to research this and to obtain funding is assumed on the outset to be a deadend and refused offer. Some of this maybe misguided sympathy, the lecturer may not want the student to waste his time on something the lecturer thinks is not true or just mystic. But is it?

But it is essentially imagination and ideas that crop up from time to time that allow science to advance.

Does anyone agree with me? Does anyone not? Please give well thought out points and not the mumbo jumbo of saying GH is a scam and We are saying adademia is bluntly wrong etc.

Mark Chan

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