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I don't remember if it is stated explicitly in Fingerprints of the Gods or Message of the Sphinx, but what is the generally accepted date for the transition of Pisces to Aquarius?

Also, has anyone here studied gematria?



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Age of Aquarius 436 Paul 04-Dec-00 13:47
RE: Age of Aquarius 233 R. Avry Wilson 04-Dec-00 15:27
correction!!!!!! 187 Andreas 04-Dec-00 20:30
RE: Age of Aquarius 212 laura 04-Dec-00 15:53
RE: Age of Aquarius 202 jameske 04-Dec-00 17:34
Gematria 273 William John Meegan 04-Dec-00 20:22
RE: Age of Aquarius 273 Geoff Stocks 04-Dec-00 21:32
RE: Age of Aquarius 218 R. Avry Wilson 05-Dec-00 05:11

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