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I am going to get blasted for this but right now I could not give a toss....listen up...both of you..

BACK OFF!!!!!!!! much as i admire your work, you have much larger concerns right now than getting into a mud-slinging match with Garrett...(the mother in me is coming out now) have a book to write and if you dont get it finished by your deadline then not only will your publishers be howling for your blood, we piggin' will be aswell..Garrett knows which buttons to press and he is playing you like a bloody grand piano, he is trying to goad you into a massive arguement which is taking you away from your real concerns....I believe that you are a husband and father as well so you also have their needs to consider and if you are staying up until 4 am typing mail, then you are just going to knacker yourself out.I am a mother and wife who also works full time so I know how hard it is to fit everything in.
No one will think any less of you for ignoring Garrett, he is just a nasty little pest that hopefully will shut up for a while if you IGNORE him.

Now for Garrett...

Why do you continue badgering him when you know he has got a book to write, none of us has got the time to sit and read through all the nasty mail that you keep sending, quite frankly its getting BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!

You constantly make hurtfull and derrogatory remarks about people and quite frankly if you cant fight fairly then you are nothing other than a playground bully and its about time you GREW are an AP for gods sake, and this is how you behave.
You are trying to convince us that 'Academia' is the only way to go but you are just making yourself look really bad mate, i am sorry but that is the way it looks.....
You are supposed to be an intellectual for pity sake, if you start playing fair you might even gain some respect from us....

I know that you will take this as invasive but someone had to say something.

After I drop my kids off at school in the morning I love to make a cup of tea ( Earl grey of course, bryan), switch on the computer and read the mail on here, this morning i just got mad...

Now, back to your corners guys, and for gods sake LEAVE EACH OTHER ALONE.....

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