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Hi Rob.

Thanks for providing us with this update on the Nabta Playa site. It is both sad, sickening and disheartening to hear that this most sacred of sites has been extremely neglected, unmanaged and vandalized. So I think some direct action needs to be taken right away before things begin to get worse out there. And in my view, the only way to bring immediate attention to this issue is to inform the public, via the internet, of all those interested in this matter, to rally around this cause.

Since Prof. Fred Wendorf, Tom Brophy and perhaps yourself, have photos or diagrams of the original configuration of the site documented, before it was disturbed, perhaps through a fund raiser of sorts - and backed by the ESCOA (Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities)- maybe we can get the site resurrected as it was originally, and then have it safeguarded by security. But I think that there needs to be a consciousness raising effort to get the worlds public behind it. Many are still not aware of the significance the this find, nor its location. I would like to make a few suggestions that I believe with the talent, interest and foresight of many here on GHMB, that we can get something going.

1. Build a website on the subject matter of the Nabta Playa site that would explain the history of the find, its archaeological and cultural significance to Egypt, African and the world - as well as the importance of its preservation.

2. Perhaps we can get a petition going, amassing thousands of signatures from the public expressing there malcontent of the neglect of the site, and demanding that it be secured and protected.

3. Continue to raise funds so that ongoing research can continue on this site.

4. Contact other archaeological organizations asking them to provide awareness and support even if to just bring about global awareness that its there!

I am sure others have ideas. Afterall there are a lot of smart people out here :-o

Rich F
San Fran, Ca.

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