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Thanks for the photo Fuzzy! and Mark for the other site reference.
Geoff - the photo on the right is of Pyramids in China -details can be found on the website I referenced in my original post. According to the site in "Shensi Province in China....The location, reported 40 miles southwest of Sian, is in an area of great archaeological importance, but few of the pyramids have ever been explored." Check out the site Mark mentioned it includes Teotihuacan and has a graphic overlay of all three together...

Orion has always been my favorite constellation a sign of good luck or wishes - someone watching over me I've always thought..when I was 12 I visited Egypt and went into the great pyramid and roamed the museums in Cairo. I'm always struck by purposeful asymetry in art and architecture as something fragile and beautiful struggling against the forces of order and the barrenness symetrical perfection.

How many more sites out there do you suppose?

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