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The Atlantis Blueprint gives a shedload more information on a possible world grid, using Giza as the Prime Meridian, and also postulates the the grid system is very, very old indeed.
The Flem-Aths have discovered that some sites appear to be orientated to two locations of the North Pole. The North Pole of course, wanders around a lot. The magnetic [true] pole is in Northern Canada at the moment. They postulate that the pole has moved at least twice previously, and quite recently too.
As for the shaft question, good idea. Two of the shafts don't exit the surface of the GP tho, and the kinks along the shaft mean that until the door is opened we'll never know for sure where at least one of the shafts really points.
Wasn't the scale proposed for the Northern hemisphere model 1:43,200?? If it was I'll try and get some info on the shaft exit positions.
The Flem-Aths site <a href="[]; title="">here</a> has a bit more info.

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