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The <i>benben</i> was supposed to represent the Primeval Mound from where the whole of Egypt was created by Atum, and later, possibly Horus himself who was identified with the <i>bennu</i> bird. IES Edwards states that the <i>benben</i> was a pyramid shaped stone, kept on a pillar in the temple complex at Innu [called Heliopolis by the Greeks]. Ra-Atum revealed himself there in the form of a phoenix.
Interstingly the phoenix is associated with the bennu bird [grey heron], similar word root there.
In modern Egyptian <i>ben</i> means son, especially when used as a prefix to the family name.
<i>Ben</i> seems to have a variety of meanings:- seed [semen], son, and close association with the Primeval Mound of Zep Tepi, Horus and Ra-Atum.

The meteoric material is most likely to be iron, they are the most common, and most likely to survive entry into our atmosphere. If they fall at a high angle of incidence, i.e. close to stright down, and are not tumbling or are circular, they orientate. Like the famous Williamette meteorite, all orientated meteorites are pyramid shaped.
What the use of the word b<i>benben</i> alludes to I don't know.

Atum [Ra in his manifest form] masturbated on the mound, into his hand, swallowed the seed [ben] and shat out Shu [son], and pissed out Tefnut. Perhaps the word <i>benben</i>. alludes to seed and son together, in the context of the mound of On [Innu].
Also Utterance 600 of the Pyramid Text says: O Atum-Khoprer, you became high on the height, you rose up as the bnbn-stone in the Mansion of the Phoenix at On’

Robert Bauval's article for Discussions in Egyptology is available <a href="[]; and is a bit more in-depth, and suggests that the meaning for <i>benben</i> is copulate.

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