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I agree with what Luke has said and i think we all know that a big diversion is in place to save face on the history of the Eygption race because lets face it, how interesting would Eygption history be if they did not have the Pyramids at Giza. I have only just got on the web so for the first time noticed that i was not the only one disgusted with the way Graham was treated in the Horizon program. It was so blatently obvious it was designed specificaly to undermine Grahams theorys and they went to great lengths to put their so called conclusions up against Grahams ideas, no one elses note and had to make it clear it was his theorys they dissagreed with. Quite obviously GH had Dug deeper (excuse the pun) than Eygptologists had liked, revealing a bit to much for comfort and had the interest and following of rather a lot of people as well as a sound theory that has a link rather than the bitty ideas of most Eygptologists.
So we were treated to another pile of crap recently(Nov) of which was supposed to be the building of the Pyramids solved! What an absolute pile of dribble. Ninety percent of the theorys were absolute guess work. There was no more proof than i have that Elvis came round to my flat the other night for a cup of tea and a scone and a game of scrabble! Actually its probably more beleivable! This time they kept GH out of it but it was clearly aimed at putting the Giza Pyramids in the same time frame of the Eygption history we have been privy to all these years so they can take credit for these wonderful structures, to take away the doubt setting in that the Eygptions had anything to do with the building of these structures and so that their World wide acknowledged history is not shattered of which would be embarrasing and commercialy damaging as well as a lot of other things. They made such a point of the new location of bones being the encampment of the Pyramid builders when the so called concluding proof was again no more solid than me old mate Elvis coming round. So lets look at this. They were treated very well by the food remains they found and probably lived as familys. they also had broken bones that were tended to so they must have had the finest doctors! They had two broken legs or arms that you could see had broken and healed. People break bones now without knowing it and they stay in place and heal. It does not mean someone tended to it, was there any screws or metal work etc? NO. One of the examples shown was more distorted than a badly distorted thing and if someone had tended to that then they should of been struck off the register! The next bit of "proof" was that there was a big Bakery that dealt with a large volume of bread. Anyone heard of Retail! Are you starting to see the big picture now? Let me explain. To have a Kingdom as well as Kings, Royalty, servants you have to have ......, yes you guessed it, people! Normal everyday people or lets be honest who are you going to rule?! Familys, Bakers, Doctors and food etc, not to hard to work out that one is it. We have never heard of the bones of the ordinary people who must have been around to have been ruled, until now. But they must have been the Pyramid builders musn,t they? Proof? I do not think so. And as for the actual construction, well that was just a theory of an American Building Contractor. He gave an idea as to how all the blocks were plonked on top of one another but i,m afraid forgot the small problem of all the tunnels and chambers and shafts inside and the alighnments etc etc need i go on? And note who it was who was fronting the documentary, Hauss or whatever his name is, the same guy who won,t let anyone other than someone who will not challenge the Eygption history to go near any part of Eygpt or help with important excavations etc. What has happened about the shafts and chambers under the Sphinx? How can no one be looking into these things, or more a case of has looked into and hidden the finds. Even GH doesn,t seem to say much about this any more. Has he had some pressure put on him to keep quite or been privy to the finds only to be told that he can not reveal the secrets without a big personal risk?
The one thing we can be sure of is we will never know in our lifetime as with the Ufology subject. Maybe the people who go so far find the answers and realise that they can not be made public so become part of the silence. Would you promise to keep quite until you die if you were offered all the answers? I can not say for sure that i wouldn,t.


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