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Hello Graham or who ever reads this!

I have always wondered how the pyramids were built like most people.And also like most people I have been fed complete rubbish most of my life,because not one egyptoligist has come up with a plauseable answer to this.As a child I used to try to imagine thousands of egyptions with extremely long ropes tied to a very large rock which they all pulled together across the desert on top of hundreds of gaint logs.Looking at this now it seems to me it would have taken hundreds of years,if ever,to build just the one pyramid.Who ever proposed this idea was completly void of any knowledge of engineering,physics and a brain.The rope to pull these stones would have been a major undertaking itself and would have weighed a couple of tons at least.It seems that some egyptoligists still believe this idea.Why?These same people also believe that these same Egyptions had knowledge of basic mathermatics,geometry,astronomy and engineering.Firstly then why could'ent these people have come up with a wheel insted of a log.For God sake I still struggel trying to get my head around some geometry and I'm doing a Degree in Cosmology and I've studied in engineering.So how any one could doubt that these people could have not invented there own wheel with the knowledge they had is beyond common sense.I do accept that they would have had to come up with an axle as well,but to me they have always gone hand in hand as you can not have a wheel with out an axle!
So to build a stong enough cart to carry the stones is very easy to picture rather than chopping down most of the trees in Egypt which is not easy to see.Also very dumb.This alone would have taken years of chopping and dragging very,very stupid for intelligent people which these so called academics have established already for us stating that they were quite intelligent.
Secondly cows are more efficient than human being.Surely the builders of the Pyramids would have used these easy to maintain workers.Cheap and reliable first rule of building.They could have been used to pull the carts.
Thirdly with the knowledge of basic geometry and engineering a simple pulley system would not have been beyond there grasp to build.In some arab countries they use a mule driven wheel to draw water from deep wells.This is were the mule walks inside a large wheel with a rope attached to its axsis.When the mule walks the axsis turns raising the bucket full of water.This is a pulley system dating back to God knows when?No one really knows but it seems to have been around in the far east for thousands of years.This is also a very good system to raise and move large rocks.
Since the discovery of the trap door in one of the ventalation shafts I have been intriged by these buildings and wondered how they were built.On watching one of your programs I noticed that you showed how the trapdoor(rock)could have been lowered in to position.They must have had a pulley system to do this,reason being this.The pyramid would have to be complete or nearly complete to lower the trapdoor otherwise there would be no point in having a trapdoor there in the first place,they would have just blooked it off.But we know that there was a seperate shaft for this door thanks to the metal strips attached to the door itself to not allow it to be removed back up the shaft.(If thats what the strips of metal were for?)The trapdoor must weigh half to one ton at least and to lower this down a shaft without a pulley is completely madness.How academics can attribute knowledge and skill for building and engineering to these people in Egypt at that time and then say that these same people could not come up with the tools to build the pyramids is crazy.We know this is true because the pyramids have been built for all to see.If academics can not accept that the people at this time(+-5000B.C) had the knowledge to build the pyramids then they must accept that the pyramids were built a long time before this date.

Lastly take agood look at how the so called earlier pyramids were built.The bent pyramid,the stepped pyramid,etc.The build quality of these pyramids is very,very poor.The stones are cut poorly.The design is poor.The materials are poor.Some of these pyramids have nearly dissaperred.Then suddenly they design and build the biggest structures on the planet.Build quality excellent.Design beyond reprouch.Materials top quality.Infact completly different to the earlier pyramids.It seems that the earlier pyramids are copying the great pyramids rather than the other way round.

Sorry to have bored you with all of this.I assume you have thought about this too.But I had to get this off my chest

Thanks for reading.

P.S.Please could you let me know how to get one of the light bulbs that Erich Von D. made in one of your programs"Chariot of The Gods".Weather the Egyptions made them I don't know.But they look pretty cool and I would love to get my hands on one for my self.
And please could you give me any infomation on when if any work will take place on seeing whats beyond the trapdoor in the shaft in the pyramid.Also when if any work will take place on the cavities beneath the spinx.

Yours Luke Fletcher


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