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Since Graham has stood up to the B.B.C. over the Horizon programme, I have found myself questioning documentary shows much more than I used to.Last night's show about 'super massive black holes' left me with a hollow feeling about all what was said and displayed.All these fantastic computer graphics were lost on me, far too many gaps were filled in by the imagination of the writers.Is 'classification' itself stifling spiritual and scientific progress?.

In a Short story by Luis Borges titled Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Terius,
we are told about a completely fictitious land, with a beautiful nature and agenda towards life.It was a massive reminder to me that we are so mentally constricted in our society.Everything has to be pigeon holed.'You are you and you must do this' is told to most people on this planet from an early age, be it religion or science, very little time seems to be spent on wonder and feeling.

Try to read 'Tlon' if you haven't already, it can be found in the book 'Labyrinths selected stories and other writings'.

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